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Improve Your Relationship With Money With Just 20 Minutes A Day

I believe in repetitious goal writing to expedite greatness. The more you visualize (focus on) it, believe it, and find ways to achieve it, the greater your success. If you’re going to put your energy, time, effort, and heart into it, you might as well do it with integrity and as a form of self-love.

Why Create a Money Journal?

For years, I have kept a money journal to record my changing relationship with money. I believe it’s imperative to have a safe space to be transparent with your thoughts, ideas, and desires with NO judgment. It is one of the essential habits that I do daily. Having a money journal empowers me to move from thoughts to feelings to action. Where attention goes energy and results show. You can use the power of pen and paper to strategize and create anything you desire. 

Many successful people use this method to attract their dreams and goals. Others use it as a form of therapy to disassociate themselves from the things that no longer serve them in order to rewrite their story. Some use it to record unforgettable plans and ideas, power words or declarations into their life. So I thought why not use it to create a healthy relationship with money!

YOU shape your world for success.

I honestly believe that your inner wealth (your beliefs, attitudes and thoughts) creates your outer wealth (what is produced in reality). There is incredible value in recording your aspirations and desires pertaining to what it is you want to show up in your life. Be it money mindset, good credit, financial goals to achieve, saving, debt, retirement, etc. You can tailor your money journal as you see fit. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines a journal as “A record of experiences, ideas, or reflections kept regularly for private use.” Your journal is a vision launch pad of powerful plans, ideas, and thoughts of . It is your masterpiece on which you can begin creating the life of success you desire. Writing is an art and is one key factor in attracting success.

Benefits Of Keeping A Money Journal

1. Get Clarity

If you are clear about a circumstance, write it out. When you are unable to identify a clear solution in your financial life, it’s better to jot down all those thoughts related to the current circumstance. To help you through this process in your journal list the pros and cons. Write out every possible outcome and use it to guide your actions. Research shows that increases higher levels of happiness and helps you have a better connection with your values, emotions, and goals. Philosopher and psychologist William James once said, “If you can change your mind, you can change your life”.

2. Track Your Progress


At the end of each day , write down one positive and one significant lesson. Then answer the following questions: How did I empower or dis-empower the situation. To continue to stay accountable ask the following questions: What are some of your achievements? Did you discover some of your weaknesses? What areas do you need to be more intentional about? On occasions, take some time to celebrate your financial journey, where you have make pivotal progress. Find a unique sense of accomplishment and make note of your progress. Set, track and accomplish your goals.

Take Control Over Your Future

What do you desire? Most people do not achieve what they desire because they do not know what it is they want. Write about the lifestyle of success you desire and begin to act as if you have that life right now. Be descriptive and detailed. This will help you prepare to win in life.

3. Create Accountability

Your success action routine should consist of time for meditation and visualization, speaking positive affirmations and reviewing your goals daily. Use creative visualize to see yourself completing your goals and feeling the benefits and rewards of doing so. Your journal is a place where you can be empowered to record and document your success actions.

4. Increase Your Cash Flow

Three of my favorite success attraction tool to implement is writing yourself a check, a personal and professional mission statement, and a laminated card with your purpose and why it’s important to achieve. Give yourself permission to dream big and succeed. If you’re going to dream you might as well dream big! You have no limitations. Designate a day every week as money manifestation days and use your journal to write out all theways you can turn your ideas into profit to use towards your financial goals.

5. To Be In A State Of Gratefulness

As you move forward, remember to wake up each day saying thank you regardless of the financial situation. Wealth is a universal experience. Express gratitude in your journal. Write down each day one thing you are thankful for. The act of gratefulness also draws positive energy into your life, helping you to create a series of success.

To maximize your journaling experience, consider:

  • Setting aside 20 minutes each day to write.
  • Choose an inspiring quiet location and eliminate all distractions.
  • Speak positive into and over your life.
  • Meditate on your desire.

Remember: Journal writing can help transform your life. Abundant minds schedule time to visualize and journalize!