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My Committment...

As a spirited entrepreneur my committement is to:

  • Love you to life
  • Be transparent with you, and 
  • Provide value to help you transform your financial lifestyle and build wealth

Hi there, my name is Natasha M. Campbell. I am your financial educator, money coach and Realtor® 

I am dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams in a way that feels fun, organic, inspiring, and in alignment with you. 

I have a Bachelor's in Business Administration specializing in Finance and Real Estate combined with a Masters in Business Administration. I am a licensed real estate agent, certified credit consultant, certified educator, and former licensed mortgage broker. 


If you would have seen me then, you may have thought, "Wow, what a success!" An ambitious college graduate determined to take over the world. But as you know appearances can be deceiving. Hiding behind the impressive educated facade and the expensive attire- was a little secret. The truth was that I was emotionally and financially illiterate (financially dysfunctional). 


Money still seems to be a taboo topic across many genres. Sometimes we measure the value of people not by who they are but by what they have, this has to change.


There were certain point in my life where I had no savings. I had multiple credit cards maxed out. I had no consistent spending plan. I had the "people pleasing syndrome", giving when the efforts were not in alignment with my goals. Investing into a retirement fund was always an emotional I'll do it later type of attitude. Credit score, let's not go there I'm sure on multiple occasions if I tried to finance cheese on a sandwich I would have been denied. To add to my financial fiasco, I was unemployed for several months causing me to feel depleted, defeated, afraid and alone.


In working to create a healthy relationship with money, I needed a service that would guide my inner journey from pain, fears and shame to hope, self-esteem, and abundance, so I created one!


I stopped looking for the quick fixes and started doing the work!


Rebuilding a healthy relationship with money is more than just numbers, its mindset. I believe you can create a livable spending plan without deprivation. I believe you can save your way out of debt that allows you to feel fulfilled while meeting your goals. I believe you can earn more by monetizing your gifts and talents. I believe you can move from fear about money to devoting your energy to what matters most to you-- spiritual practices, loved ones, life endeavours or whatever brings you joy and happiness.


As the Wealth Stylist, I empower women to become the designer of their finances and get on the path to creating wealth so they can do more of what they love. The ripple effect has allowed me to be a featured columist for several media outlets such as: Yahoo Finance, U.S. News, Go Banking Rates, The Washington Times, Nasdaq, Bankrates.com, and most recently a Huffington Post Contributor.  


But my greatest accomplishment is being a mother of two children and a wife of one.   

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